Juillet 2010 : 5 articles SaaS/Cloud à ne pas manquer

SaaS Cloud[1] IBM looks to reinvent Enterprise IT – Mike Vizard http://www.ctoedge.comWhen it comes to application workloads, IBM wants to take the debate over the hardware platform off the table.

For more years than anyone cares to remember, the main issue in the data center has been whether to run an application on a mainframe, RISC server or Intel-class processor architecture. As more applications migrated to lower-cost Intel servers, this issue became especially nettlesome for IBM as it saw more application workloads migrating off the mainframe to servers other than IBM’s in the name of application modernization.

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[2] Dossier Gartner (3e Partie) Analyse des dimensions du risque lié au cloud computing – ITR ManagerLa complexité et l'accessibilité augmentent le risque Source : Gartner (mars 2010)

Après une première partie  présentant l’environnement général lié au cloud computing et quelques rappels sur cette nouvelle vague technologique qui va occuper les DSI pour années à venir, et une deuxième partie  détaillant trois caractéristiques de base révélatrices du risque associé à une implémentation numérique, cette troisième partie aborde la modélisation de la complexité et de l’accessibilité.

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[3] Cloud Cuts CIO Clout, Study Says – Leah Gabriel Nurik – http://www.channelinsider.com/

CIOs are losing their influence within their organizations as more technology moves to the cloud and SaaS, according to a new survey by Diamond Management & Technology Consultants. The shifting influence points out the need for VARs to also shift their strategies in how they approach members of the C suite.

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[4] Yes – The SaaS ‘Experiment’ Is Over – Jeff Kaplan – THINK IT Services

For the past two weeks, I’ve been debating whether to respond to a commentary in InfoWorld by Neil McAllister which asked, “Is the SaaS Experiment Finally Over?”

But, I couldn’t hold back any longer when one of the many online publications where I’m a contributor, eBizQ, posed the question in a more provocative fashion, “Is SaaS Dead?”

I couldn’t bring myself to respond to McAllister’s column when it was first published because his argument was so ludicrous. He alluded to a variety of past SaaS and cloud vendor service outages to raise concerns about the overall viability of these rapidly expanding markets. And he used a series of Gartnerisms to warn against developer migration to the SaaS model.

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[5] Should CIOs Feel Threatened by the Cloud? – Pam Baker – http://www.internetnews.com/

The advent of cloud computing promises to reduce corporate infrastructure and significantly change the role of the CIO as well as other IT personnel.

But as CIO Update reports, resistance to the changes cloud computing brings is probably not a winning strategy. Cloud computing may well lead to IT staff reductions, but the role of the CIO may actually become more important to the organization than ever.

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